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Geoff Lewis is the guitarist, songwriter and producer behind BBGun Music. He has played guitar with numerous bands and artists such as N'Dea Davenport, The Burnt Snags, Akayzia Parker and Wakamba Girls, among others, for both studio work and live gigs at New York City venues including; The Canal Room, Crobar, The Cutting Room, AM Roadhouse, The Lions Den, The Frying Pan and ACME Underground.

Geoff writes, performs and records R&B and Pop/Rock songs in his home studio and typically works with lyricists and vocalists (often contributing lyrics himself) to complete each song prior to final production, mixing and mastering.

Geoff was recently featured in Recording Magazine’s ‘Spotlight’ which highlights recordings that “…are so good that there are no criticisms…”

“Dissin’ is a smooth sleek affair with Geoff acting as arranger, programmer, player, engineer, producer and mastering guy. Lots of hats to wear, and only the most skillful and focused can pull it off as well as Geoff has here.”

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Geoff Lewis on iTunes® - Search for the following song titles to listen to and purchase the songs:

  • Dissin' - Music, written and performed by Geoff Lewis. Lyrics by Bryan Keller. Vocals by Georgia Haege. Produced by Geoff Lewis.
  • Groove Two - Written, performed and produced by Geoff Lewis.
  • One Day My Love - Written by Bryan Keller and DJ Will (Automagic). Vocals by N’Dea Davenport. Guitar by Geoff Lewis. Remixed by Automagic.

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